Andres has surprised me with how rapidly his verbal skills have been advancing. Yesterday, entering the lift from a walk in the winter cold outside, he said “schön warm da inne” (nice and warm in here). When I asked him where his house shoes were, he said “Wohnzimmer”, living room. He’s been very talkative when speaking with his grandparents, although they don’t understand what he says.

He’s been using the potty well since last Saturday, when Annewien allowed him to use just his short pants, no pampers. He’s had the occasional pee in his pants and the floor, but he’s pooped into the potty each time and mostly peed too. I’m really looking forward to a pamper-free Andres!

He’s been plagued by an on and off cold / running nose / and part-fever for three weeks now, and so have I. This leads to occasional sleepless nights and a mood during the day.

He’s been quite naughty at times, scratching, biting and hitting Annewien and me. We’ve been using the corner as a kind of punishment, although he’ll hardly stay there for any length of time. He does promise not to do it again, but this is of varying quality.

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