More Talk and Bed Problems

His verbal skills since starting the new day care have been rising dramatically. The other day I was in the toilet when he comes over and says “Papi chumm, zwei Ameisen” (daddy take a look, two ants). We do have sporadic ants every summer in the living room and when I came to look at what Andres was pointing to, there were indeed two ants strolling on the floor.

Another morning I came into the living room where his table and chairs are and I saw that he had a pack of Ballisto chocolates on his table which we’d forgotten to put away the previous night. I expected resistance when I took them away but there was none – surprisingly. A bit later I came in again and he had a single bar of Ballisto on the table – aha, he’d known previously that even if I took away the whole pack, he still had the bar, so no need for complaint. hehe. Since it was morning, I said let’s have some bread instead of the Ballisto, and to give me the chocolate bar. Clever that he is, he said “Ballisto do anne legge” (I’ll put Ballisto on the table), putting the bar on the table. That way, he’d put it away, but still had it under HIS control :-).

This morning I came in with a toast and put a slice of smoked salmon in it. He said “zu mache” (close it). It took me a moment to realize that he wanted me to “close” the bread, i.e. make a sandwich.

We’re going to have a bit of a problem with his bed (it’s loaned and we have to return it), since there’s no way he would stay in the bed if it didn’t have bars. Andres is 31 months now. Since about a week or two he’s able to remove the two removable bars in the bed and climb out himself. It bugged me so much that I tied the bars so he couldn’t open them himself. Today I was up in the attic putting away some stuff when he suddenly pops up. That REALLY surprised me. He’d managed to remove the two bars from the OTHER side of the bed (facing the wall), which I hadn’t secured, climb out, and ascend the stairs all the way to the attic.

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