Day Care

Andres has been in care for quite some months now. I’m amazed at his behavior when I go to get him in the evening. He is very talkative, says new words and wants to show me stuff. He picks up a lot at day care, both from his carers and from the other children. Unfortunately, day care has a big down side as well, and that’s that he regularly gets sick a day or two after being there. By the time he’s well again, it’s time for day care again (Thursday) and the cycle repeats himself. He’s had so many colds, a stomach flu and some other stuff we couldn’t identify (red spots all over). On Tuesday he had 40.5° fever and we went to children’s hospital at 11 in the night. We stayed till 2 am, we still couldn’t see doc. Meanwhile, Andres had recovered and was walking all around the place in a good mood. So we decided to go home. He felt much better the following day. It was strange that the 3 doctors and nurses we’d talked to that day gave conflicting information as to what he could have caught and how we should treat him.

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