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Our Trip to Brazil

We had recklessly decided last Christmas that we’d go to Brazil next Christmas to escape the cold Swiss winter. Andres was just two and a few months at the time and it did consume a lot of thought whether we should really undertake such a trip. We eventually decided to go for it and so booked the trip from the 12th to 31st of December 2006. It would involve 8 separate flights, a rental car and boat rides.

The trip went way better than I had ever dared imagine, with Andres putting up with the stress of traveling, change in climate and partially hot weather amazingly well. He also changed some his hard habits in what seemed to be overnight. His habit of drinking milk 2 to 5 times a night disappeared. In fact, we only offered him a water bottle and that was sufficient. He could sleep on an ordinary hotel mattress (always on the floor or the bed set up so he couldn’t fall off it during the night). He mostly went to sleep very quickly at night, and he slept well till the morning. Only one destination has a few mosquitoes, but we never had a problem with them. During the day, he would do without pampers a lot of the time.

Wonderful, what a change such a trip can induce!

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