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Lots and Lots of New Talk

His speech is not very clear, and others have some difficulty to understand what he’s trying to say, but for us most is pretty intelligent stuff:

“Bea EMail Schriibe”: I want to write an email to Bea (31.10.06)

“Nümme Cho zu Dir – Blub Blub macht – Papi use gholt”: While talking on Skype to my mom, she asked him when he was going to visit her again. He said I’m not coming to you anymore, it made “bloob bloob”, papi took me out. He remembered the time when he sank underwater in the pool and I grabbed him out (3.11.06)

“Ich an a bissli Coki, ich vil Stress Papi”: I want some coke, I’m having a lot of stress, Daddy.

“Du nicht schlafe, Sunne uufgwacht”: As I was closing my eyes during the day, he said “Don’t sleep, the sun is awake”.

“Schmeckt gut aus”: Normally you see “Sieht gut aus” – looks good, but he said this when I was cooking – smells good.

“Du mini held, mami”: You’re my hero, mami.

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