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Holiday Scares

We were in Spain for holidays for a week and they were absolutely marvelous! Great weather, food and lots of relation. There were two pretty bad scares we had with Andres, though.

The first was while in the swimming pool. Andres was playing at the entry point, which consisted of a couple of steps leading to the shallow area. I decided to float to the deep part on a small rubber dingy and had swum a couple of meters when I looked back, wanting to ask Andres if he didn’t want to ride in the dingy with me. I got the shock of my life! Andres was in the water with the water level at his hairline. His hands were in the air but he was hardly thrashing about or making a noise. He was drowning with no way to make me notice. I dashed back and grabbed him out of the water and placed him with his stomach on my thigh, head down. He was choking. He recovered fast, but had there been a longer delay I can’t imagine what would have happened. Very very very scary.

The second was at our departure. There was a long queue at the check-in counter and Andres refused to stay with us, preferring to wander about and check out the check-in counter and other stuff which grabbed his attention. We reached the counter itself and we were discussing some detail when I lost sight of Andres. There was quite a crowd in the departure hall and when I walked to the point where I’d seen him last just seconds ago he was nowhere to be seen. I walked up and down the whole huge departure hall several times but there was not trace of him. I was underway for perhaps 10 minutes but it seemed like hours. I was already thinking about how we’d handle a missing child while we’d miss our flight. We decided to part ways in search of him, while keeping in touch with our mobile phones. Just when we were about to restart our search when who almost runs into me? Andres!

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Leaps and Bounds

Andres’ development is progressing in leaps and bounds. Even when he’s hot headed and absolutely wants to do domething his way, he will listen to an explanation and then opt to give in.

He has reached the question age, asking “Iiiiss dass?” (is this?) for anything and everything. If there’s no answer he will be instant. If there is an answer he’ll ask the same for the next nearby object. He also asks “und dänn?” (and then?) meaning what the next activity will be once something has been done. After hearing an answer, he’ll ask again, repeatedly, to no end.

We were in the Succulent Gardens of Zurich yesterday, which does have a pretty nice collection of catii etc. As soon as we entered, Andres started pointing to the technical stuff in the building, pipes, electrical switches, switchboards, mechanical apparatus for operating the greenhouse roof etc, competely ignoring the plants. When I pointed them out to him, he said “nid luschtigg” (no fun)!

He loves to play store, when I am the customer and he the storekeeper. Recently, it’s moved on to a computer store. So after buying ventilators of various sizes, USB cables and the lot, I wanted to pay. Then he said “täsche?” (want a bag?). And then he brought a “gschänkkli” (gift) before I went on my way.

He has bad fits of stubbornness, and a lift button pressed in haste has caused a fit lasting 10 minutes. When previously you could get him to come aloing from anywhere he was by just saying “Tschüss Adi” (bye now, Andres), if he’s not in the mood he ignores the bluff and just sulks.

He loves ice-cream, especially water ice cream and can down a stick himself. It does usually produce some puddles of sweet, sticky water on the floor, hands and furniture, though. The latest sticks which have a chewing gum in the stick don’t help!

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