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A Year Ago

Today we had an appointment with the Children’s Hospital to look at Andres’ wrist. A year ago he had a septic arthritis of the wrist, an internal infection. It was very painful for him. His doctor thought it was a dislocated elbow and tried several times to snap it back into place. Late that day, we decided to take him to emergency hospital because he was yelling non-stop and his deputy doctor advised it. At first, they also diagnosed a dislocated elbow, and it took the keen knowledge of another lady doctor to detect that that wasn’t correct. Several blood tests, X-ray’s and many hours later, they told us it was an infection and Andres would have to stay in hospital for about 2 weeks. That was in the wee hours of the morning, after we’d spent most of the night in waiting rooms and doctor’s inspection rooms.

After two weeks in hospital on antibiotic infusion, we finally returned home. During those two weeks there was an MRI made, more X-Rays, an operation to first test for pus, then clean out and remove it, an infusion-point near his collarbone, a bout of stomach flu which successively spread to the whole family and a friend who visited us (Nora virus was on the rampage at that time – v e r y infectous!), and Annewien taking her own therapy very badly.

Luckily, mom thrust herself upon us and took a flight from Alicante to help us out.

A year later, Andres’s wrist is fully healed. It turned out that Pneumokokken bacteria were to blame. What a victory for Medicine and the Doctors and Nurses who did so much for him. I’m endlessly thankful.

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Today was daycare day. While dressing up in the morning, he prepared to don his cotton sweatshirt with wide bright horizontal stripes: red, yellow, blue. And said “Nadine keike, Adi moi”. (Nadine will look, adi is beautiful)! Nadine is one of his day-care girlfriends.

A month or two back, I’d just applied hair gel to his hair when he wanted to lean forward so he could see himself in the bathroom mirror. He then exclaimed “Adi moi”!

After donning nice clothes, it’s easy to ask him to go and look at himself in the mirror, which he does with gusto, taking great pleasure in looking at himself in his new clothes from all sides.

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Yes and No

After a long period of saying “no” to anything we asked him, Andres is differentiating between “yes” and “no” for several weeks now, articulating his “yes” with wonderful gusto and a vertical nod (up to down). A real pleasure for me!

He does a lot of stuff unattended and tends to stay away from dangerous objects and actions, which is a relief from constantly having to observe him. Yesterday I was at a bookstore browsing through some books and the lift really grabbed his attention. I couldn’t watch him constantly and was delighted that he never stepped into the lift himself (which he would have done the first thing the doors opened a month ago) but restricted himself to watching it travel up and down through the glass panels at the side of the lift. He walks stairs almost effortlessly, and holds the railing to keep him toppling should he lose his balance (which he still does at times).

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