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Munching a cookie

Andres has begun engaging in real dialogues. I’m amazed!

Today on the diaper table:

Ich: „du adi, was machen wir heute“

Adi: „baby“ (daycare metaphor)

Ich: „nei adi, hüt hämmer kei babies“

Adi: „duntig baby“ (dunschtig/thursday) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Andres has been saying two-word sentences for some days (or weeks?) now:

– “Mami Schaffe”
– “Dädi Tanze”
– and more…!

He’s been in Childcare every Thursday and Friday regularly since last week. It’s with Kids and Co. from Childcare services Zurich. The first few days I was there I noticed that laughter was missing and the kids didn’t really play with each other. That was odd. Seeing his previous activities with other kids, I’d expected Andres to love to play with the other kids, but no. He didn’t like being there, it seemed, or maybe it was just me leaving him there which caused a lot of problems for him. He had stayed with Bea for a day or even overnight without problems, so what’s going on?

Now, 2 weeks later, it’s another Thursday and he already said “nei nei” early in the morning. The nearer we got to the daycare center, the more he said nei nei and started sobbing. Very difficult for me. The women who care for him keep saying he stops complaining soon after I’ve gone, but how can I gain confidence if I don’t see it myself? He’s quick to leave as soon as I’m back to pick him up. I’ll have to monitor the situation. A hard consequence would be to stop day care if there’s no improvement.

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