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Here’s how he pronounces some Swiss-German words:

Aalüüte: ä-wüü
Ässe: ä-uwää”
Laufe: aufa
Velo: Ve-lo
Trinke: Ti-Ti
Töff: Töüüph
Schpille: Bi-bö
Laufe: Bä-bü

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Active Word List

There are the words he actively uses (the second part of the word is usually spoken with greater emphasis and is louder):

1. No-ni – Nuts
2. Mu-mi – Music (or order to turn on stereo)
3. Ma-ma – “come along”/order to do something
4. Aa-ba – (go) down
5. Aa-du – Open/turn off/turn on as a command
6. Meh – “Give me more” (milk or syrup, usually)
7. Ma-mi – Mom
8. Dä-di/Pa-pi – Daddy
9. Au-tu – car
10. Ao—Ao – Hello on the telephone
11. Co-ki – Coke
12. Ka-ki – pee pee, backside, etc.
13. Koo-kie – biscuit
14. Ssch-tai – stone
15. Be-by – baby
16. Kuu (also Muu) – cow
17. Ä-bee – Strawberry, Olive, Cherry
18. A-di – Andres
19. A-mi – ant
20. Na-ni – navel
21. T-rahm – tram
22. Hei-ss – hot
23. La – salad
24. Ki-ka – Crete (we’re to go there next month for holidays)
25. B-iiie – beer
26. Nat – wet
27. Bu-ii – battery (powering his electronic toys)
28. Höiss – house
29. Ve-lu – bycicle
30. Miaau – cat
31. Muu – tired
32. Caud – cold


Mooo – cow
Wff-wff – dog
miaauu – cat
{deep throated growl} – lion
{two short deep throated grunts} – pig
kak-kak – duck
peeep peeep (very high pitch) – bird, mouse
tüü-tüü tüü-tüü (low/high intonation) – ambulance siren
ku-ku – chicken

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Chewing Gum

Today I’d got a peach cut and wanted to feed him a piece. He opened his mouth, grunting “uhh”, there was a chewing gum inside. He was actually chewing gum without swallowing it. It was still in his mouth a quarter-hour later. Sometime later, he again said “uhh” and opened his mouth. The chewed gum was there. He picked it out and gave it to me. He was finished with it. The chewing-gum cycle was complete.

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Pushing Chairs

Today we went to IKEA for some shopping and had lunch at their cafeteria. They have a nice children’s corner with some tables, chairs, toys and whatnot. Andres already knows it well, since we’ve been there several times already. While I ate, he played was in the corner playing with the toys and the other children (he couldn’t spare any time to eat himself). He always likes to move around the small bright-orange plastic chairs. All of a sudden, he had one of the chairs out of the play-corner-zone and was pushing it around on the floor. The sound of the plastic scraping the floor was quite loud. The other kids picked up the idea, and within a few seconds, there were about 4 or 5 other kids pushing around their own chairs on the cafeteria floor. It was really loud. Funnily enough, hardly any of the grownups seemed to notice or to care. I couldn’t believe my eyes at the sight and broke out in a fit of laughter. In a few minutes, everything stopped as suddenly as it started….

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“Shave behind your Ears”

Andres is still very active on his changing board when his Pampers need to be changed. Usually I give him something to keep his attention so he keeps halfway still. The past week he loved my electric shaver when it was turned on, same today. He “shaved” his face, moving the machine to his chin, then cheeks, etc. It looked quite real. As a joke I said “don’t forget to shave behind your ears”, and promptly he moved the shaver behind one of his ears! I had to be quick to remove the machine, lest it chop off bunches of his hair :-)

He loves coffee, and the past few days I’ve been giving him the rest of my morning coffee, a sip’s worth. He really jumps to down it.

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