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Mai/Juni 2005, 21 Monate

Costa del Sud / Sardinien – hier gefällts mir!

Mami sollte Sonnenbrille tragen, komisch, wieso sträubt sie sich?

Ich und ein Schoggiglacé…

Brrr, das Wasser ist noch etwas kalt!

Seht her, ich beherrsche bereits das Elektromobil vom Hotel.

Wehe, du willst mir eine frische Windel anziehen – da verkriech ich mich sofort.

Am Flughafen bin ich schon ganz ein grosser.

Wow, sogar im Flugzeug hats viele Knöpfli, die ich drücken und schieben kann.

Auf der Dachterasse zu Hause – auch dort bin ich immer online (Papi ist nicht so

Mamis Töffstiefel passen mir wunderbar…

So, und hier ist der Beweis, dass ich wild nach Gurken bin!

Und Gurken machen stark!

Bei Bart und Martine in Nieuwegein. Mir gefällt es gut im Laufgitter, besonders wenn Onkel Bart mich dabei noch unterhält.

Hier liebkose ich meine erste Cousine, Gerjanne. Ich bin ganz stolz auf sie und sie
ist unheimlich süss!

Diese Geiss ist kleiner als ich!

Jöh, eine Lampi-Ohren-Geiss.

Hier hat mich Papi beim Fernsehen erwischt.

Oma und ich spazieren auf der Halbinsel Au.

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The Telephone Call

Today I was in the kitchen while Andres was playing with the kitchen cupboards. There is a chain on one of them with a stopper on the end. He took the stopper to his ear like a telephone handset, said “Ao-Ao” (Hello hello), listened a bit, laughed a couple of times as if reacting to something “the other person” said, then said “dä-dä” (bye) and replaced the stopped back in the cupboard. That was a full, simulated telephone conversation…

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Walked to Town

Today we walked around town for the first time without Andres’ pram. I knew it would be a big risk, because if he didn’t want to walk anymore in the middle of town, it would be a toughie to carry him all the way back home.

So we walked to the tram station and hopped onto the tram. I put him on the windows seat, and he was pretty engrossed watching all that was happening. At the fifth stop we hopped off (Platte) and walked back all the way to ETH. After returning books at the library, we walked all the way to town, which involved lots and lots of stairs going down and quite a bit of level walking. He made it all the way to the Limmat, when he started getting restless and I carried him perhaps 100 meters and then he would start walking again. So we went all the way to the Nespresso shop, and then back to Bahnhofstrasse to catch the tram. I did have to carry him quite a bit in town, but I was amazed how far he made it.

Yesterday I asked him who was that in the mirror and he said “Adi” (andres). He also pointed to me and said “Dädi”. On a photograph we discovered while I was cleaning up he pointed to “Mami” and “Adi”. He points at cars saying “Auto” and to children saying “Be-bee”.

I can ask him where is his nose and he’ll point it out to me. Same goes for eyes, mouth, hair, hands, feet, navel, ears…! If I ask him where is MY nose, he’ll point to mine!! And he does same for all the other body parts. Really amazing!

I was looking for the cordless telephone handset today and muttered “where’s the telephone” when it took just moments and he brought it to me. Today the telephone rang and I was in the other room – he picked up the handset and brought it to me… It goes on and on.

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