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“Please bring me your Milk Bottles”

I was in the kitchen today filling the dishwasher when I told him to bring me his used milk bottles, which were lying at the side of his bed. I didn’t expect what happened next: He walked off immediately and returned with both milk bottles in his hand! cool!

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Where’s the Toilet Key?

Yesterday the toilet was locked and the key went missing! Reason: We’d been locking up the bathroom, kitchen and toilet for about a month now, cause these were the places he could do a lot of mischief if he was along. He’s been dunking stuff into the water in the toilet bowl, he’s thrown my mobile phone into the toilet trashcan, and he’s been profusely emptying the contents of all cupboards in the bathroom and kitchen, and boy, is there a lot of stuff in there! So what he did with the toilet was, that he removed the key from the locked door and “put it” somewhere else. He’s already “hidden” quite a few items, another key, several batteries and other stuff, that I’ve never ever found again. So the thought of never ever finding the key of our locked toilet wasn’t very cool. After half an hour of frantic searching I found it: he’d put it in a bag he’s strapped around his shoulder. As if he were going on a trip, key in bag!

Some days back he said “Ade” (Andres) and pointed to himself.

Today we were on our roof terasse. I’d gotten him a baby pool and it took about 160 liters of water to fill it, 2 pails of 10 and 6 liters at a time. He warily eyed the pool from a distance and only entered it when I plunked my feet into it and splashed around. Soon enough, he was liking it.

I’d rubbed sunblock onto him. Later when we were back in the flat I found him in the bedroom, sunblock tube open, sunblock all over him and his surroundings. He learns fast…

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Heavy Diaper

This mornings diaper was so heavy that I decided to weigh it. It came out as 750 grams, probably the record to date.

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Pointing to the Mess

Today he did something which he’s repeated in various variations in recent weeks. I discovered that he’d emptied the contents of the salt dispenser on the floor. When he saw that I’d noticed and that I was none too happy with what I saw, he pointed repeatedly at at the mess of salt on the floor and energetically said “döh-döh-döh-döh”.

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Words he can say

Hallo – “Aa-o”
Andres – “AA-i”
Byebye (said today for the first time, similar to Baby)
Hoi/Hola – “Kkhhoi”
Geil – “Gaii”
Sexy – “sess”
Koolkast – “Kuka”
Woof-Woof – “ff-ff”
Ui – “uuui”

Today’s been the first day I was convinced that he said something and actually knew what he said. I’d been looking at pictures when one of my niece Gerjanne popped up onscreen. He said “oooh-oooh-baby” without me having mentioned the word “baby” the whole day. cool!

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Chewing Gum

He’s always loved peppermint. In toothpaste and in gum. In the past he’s always had some gum in his mouth and I got it out before he could chew or swallow. Today he came up with his mouth full of something. It was a huge wad of well-chewed gum. So he’s actually got the hang of chewing the gum instead of swallowing it. In his other had he had the plastic wrapper of the gum.

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