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He loves holding phones to his ear. Both mobile and our wireless phone. He also holds other objects like the bathtub stopper and my ebanking password generator to his ear. Since a few days he’s being saying “aaa-o” in the process. It’s very similar to “hallo-hallo”, which I usually say as a reaction when he gives me the phone.

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Pulling stuff down

He’s got this nasty habit since months where he pulls stuff down from tables, chairs, cupboards. Whatever. If there’s something up there, it’s got to come down. The material in question isn’t important, and it won’t get a second glance either. Everything is yanked with gusto and it lands behind him. No turning back. I’ve tried everything. Saying “no”. Saying “no” louder. Yelling “NO”! No deal. Being defensive is the name of the game. Put everything out of his reach. Doc told me that 160 cm was the height to target. No table is that high, was he kidding? The little fellow must be in paradise. We have so much stuff in the flat that it’s impossible to get it all tucked away, out of sight. Now that he’s got the hang of climbing on chairs, I doubt whether 160cm is enough. He can pull and push chairs to their best location too, so that they’re just right to get within reach of that pile of documents (without page numbers, of course).

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