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Tricycling the flat

He really wasn’t impressed when the neighbors brought him their son’s old wooden tricyle. I plunked him on it and pushed it forward in the hope that he would get the hang of triclycling in a jiffy. No deal. He wasn’t happy at all and climbed off it immediately. Ok, let me show you, and I squeezed myself on it’s tiny seat. Ouch. I paddled my feet, knees bent almost 360°, moving awkwardly forward. He looked on, thumb in his mouth. No deal.

A month or two later he tried sitting on it, in the reverse direction, looking back. That really didn’t make much sense for him, so he got off again. Now he’s got the hang of sitting forward. And his legs do move him forward. And he does have his hands on the handlebars! But the steering isn’t quite cool yet. Moving forward till he hits something, he lifts the WHOLE BIKE to change it’s direction. Pushing him around using the steering hasn’t brought needed enlightenment. I shall wait.

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Januar/Februar 2005, 17 Monate

Hi Fans. Ich habe 2 besondere Monate hinter mir und viel zu berichten…

Autsch! Im Januar war ich 2 Wochen wegen einer Entzündung im Handgelenk im Kinderspital Zürich. Ich war völlig groggy von den Antibiotika und den Schmerzmitteln. Ich musste sogar eine Gipsschiene tragen, damit ich das Handgelenk schone. Ich habe
einen Venenkatheter bekommen – in diesen lästigen Schlauch habe ich mich dann zum Schrecken meiner Eltern ab und zu mal verwickelt.

Ich habe rote Bäckli von den Antibiotika und bin häufig ziemlich müde. Leider habe ich dann noch gleichzeitig eine Magen-Darm-Grippe erwischt und musste mehrere Tage in Quarantäne mit Papi.

Langsam gehts mir besser, aber ich bin immer noch ziemlich schwach. Die Schwestern und Ärzte sind zwar nett zu mir, aber ich traue denen nicht mehr so ganz über den Weg…

Papi und Mami waren ziemlich am Anschlag und soooo froh über den rettenden Besuch vom Grosmami aus Spanien.

Ohne Body rutschen mir schon mal die Hosen runter. Ist aber doch echt cool, oder?

Gros- und -Mami zu Besuch bei mir.

Endlich wieder zu Hause bei meinen eigenen Spielsachen! Die Garage von Onkel Tom macht Riesenspass.

Und so sehe ich mit kurzen Haaren aus. Steht mir doch gut, oder?

Opa und Oma zu Besuch bei mir. Die Kamera von Opa ist sehr interessant, weil sie beim Ein- und Ausschalten immer so schöne Geräusche macht.

Mittlerweile habe ich schon so viele Zähne (8), dass ich auch gerne mal einen
Apfel anbeisse.

Grrmmmppffff… dieses Brotstück war doch noch etwas zu gross.

Unterdessen trinke ich selbständig aus Gläsern und auch aus Flaschen (Anmerkung der
Eltern: wo er das wohl gelernt hat?!?)

Und hier mein erster Versuch, selber ein Joghurt mit einem Löffel zu essen. Immerhin
ist etwa die Hälfte davon in meinem Bäuchlein angekommen.

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Does he understand stuff I say?

It really seemed so today. He grabbed a fridge magnet off the fridge in the evening and was walking around with it. It was a sea horse which Annewien had bought in Los Roques. I told him to put the magnet back onto the fridge. I told it to him a few times, slowly, and he actually walked back to the fridge, told him again, he climbed his tripp-trapp, which was just next to the fridge. He climbed to the top and I told him again. He stretched out his hand with the sea horse and stuck it back onto the fridge. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

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Andres today

The little man keeps emulating things we do. On the diaper table he opened the cover bag of wipes and proceeded to take out one, then a second. He held the wipe in his hand and made motions as if to wipe his bottom. He knows what wipes are for, and associates them correctly. Amazing. A natty image

He pushed his tripp-trapp to the sideboard and was busy for quite a while while I was shaving in the bathroom. I heard some clanking noises and came to find out what was happening. He had opened the glass/silver jar on the sideboard and had something in his mouth. One of his cheeks bulged. I swabbed his little mouth with my pinky and out came a huge peppermint sweet. It was the last one of a pack we had bought in Holland and quite a large one. My instinct was to throw it away, but I decided to give it back to him, since he loves mint toothpaste.

Oh, yes, in evening, after Dinner, Annewien said “let’s get you a yoghurt”. He hadn’t eaten well the whole day and dinner wasn’t any better. He had been walking around after we’d let him out of his tripp-trapp after he stopped eating. He stopped dead in his tracks, took Annewien’s hand, led her to the kitchen, directly to the fridge. She opened the fridge and he grabbed a yoghurt. So he knows what Yoghurt is called, what it is, where it is, and that it’s good!! Wow, what a feat!

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Climbs into his Chair

I never cease to be amazed. He just climbed by himself into his tripp trapp (but sits the wrong way around, but sits!).

The day before he brought me his nappy when I called him to have his breakfast cereal.

He says ‘wff-wff’ (he has pointed to the dog on the postcard in the toilet and said it), Mama, Papa, Mamm-mamm (=food. Knows what it is when you say it and comes running), da-da (and waves goodbye), tan for telephone) (not so much anymore.

He’s always eager to put on his coat to go out (it’s quite cold outside, no wonder, in winter). He says “o-je”.

After his hostpital stay in January he loves bananas, yoghurt. Eats like a pig. He shakes his head from side to side and says ‘na-na’ when he doesn’t want something. Sooooo sweeet!!!!!

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