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Mai 04, 8 Monate

Hier programmiere ich gerade mit Onkel Bart meinen ersten multithreaded Webserver unter Linux

Kuckuck, könnt ihr mich finden? Ich habe diesen Monat “schnaggen” gelernt und erkunde nun die Wohnung

Meine erste Sonnenbrille ist, cool, was?

Auf Papas Schultern auf dem Üetliberg zusammen mit Tante Martine und Onkel Bart

Der Essstuhl ist mir noch etwas zu wacklig, ich werde noch etwas warten müssen.

Tante Martine hat mich in einem unbeobachteten Moment aus dem Kinderwagen
genommen, damit sie mich heimlich knuddeln kann!

In Chateauneuf bei Dijon. “Gibs ihm”, würde meine Urgrossmutter sagen…

Erste biologische Experimente in der Küche

Guten Tag, gnä’ Frau!

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The Potato Inspector

Andres was in the entrée near the door when I decided to plant 2 packs of seeds on the bedroom balcony. When I came back 5 minutes later, Andres was nowhere to be seen. Turned out he was in the kitchen playing with the raw potatoes under the microwave.

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He managed it into the toilet

Amazing stuff today. I was on the toilet, Andres in the entrée when he saw me and the cards in the toilet. He crawled all the way INTO the toilet (over the carpet and the door swell) and stayed looking at all the colorful postcards till I carried him out. I put him to bed at 18:00 and he slept at once.

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I saw Andres moving forward while on his belly the first time today. He seems to pull himself forward with his arms and he isn’t quite as quick with it as when he slips forwards on his back using his feet, which he’s being doing now for about 2 weeks.

It was special to see him notice an ant crawling on the floor and he tried to put his index finger on it (but failed). The ant moved forward and he moved forward on his belly too.

He ate 120ml milk and then about 180ml bio hirsana for breakfast, 200ml carrot-potato mix and 210ml milk for lunch. Plan to feed him a banana and more milk for dinner and a dose of milk at 23:00.

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